Our team works collaboratively with clients transforming our experience and domain knowledge into practical solutions. We combine their expertise and domain knowledge to offer professional advice to our clients.

Dr. Louis Taborda  
Founder of the Alinement Network

Founder of the Alinement Network and passionate about the making positive changes in business, technology and society at large. A well rounded professional with over twenty five years of experience providing the ability and versatility to lead change in complex environments. Louis’ value is in finding and establishing simple, lean approaches that empower individuals and multidisciplinary teams to work together collaboratively. He has researched current project management challenges and developed portfolio execution methods that provide stakeholder visibility and support self-organizing behaviours to reduce management and governance overheads. His driving goal is to see clients achieve the benefits they seek from any Alinement engagement.

Phil Sharratt
Consultant for the Alinement Network

Phil assists organizations in managing the ‘human issues’ associated with large and small scale organisational change, from planning to implementation to business benefits review. He has over twenty years of diverse Organisation Change Management and Human Resource Management experience, holding senior management positions that cover end-to-end organisation change Management and varied HR roles. His experience spans numerous industry sectors – Information Technology, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Consulting, Gaming, and State/Federal Government. He is a Principal Consultant with Alinement and is passionate about applying effective Organisation Change Management practices to achieve both the human and business benefits associated with corporate change initiatives.

Marcel de Ma
Consultant for the Alinement Network

Marcel has worked globally in the multi-national landscape for over sixteen years managing multidisciplinary teams. He is accustomed to communicating with a diverse spectrum of key stakeholders, people & constituencies. His experience spans all levels: operational, functional, executive, cross-functional, national and international. With expertise and success in many roles including; PMOs, Portfolio & Program Management, Project Delivery, Strategic Execution, Business Transformation/Re-engineering, and Process Improvement. A pragmatic operator and Principal Consultant, Marcel advocates a strong focus on; prioritisation, delivery, assurance and performance transparency. He believes good project management should exhibit; strong governance, planning cadence, rigorous financial due diligence, exercise unfaltering communication, imbue a value management ethos and demonstrate a customer centric orientation.