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Status Reporting vs Status

Status reporting is one of those things that can take up significant amounts of management (and practitioner) time while still being spectacularly artificial and inaccurate. Without going into the all too obvious issue of managers attempting to paint a “positive…

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Unlocking Value

Unlocking Value

Everyone wants to ensure they create business value from their investments but the record in achieving the planned benefits is not good, and in many instances we end up with less than expected. This can be due to a number…

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Changing Business Conditions

Planning Enterprise Evolution

Transformational change enabled by Information Technology (IT) has been a fact of life in recent times – and that is unlikely to go away.  Today’s organisations face the challenge of relentless change and many struggle to proactively plan their enterprise’s…

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Frederick Winslow Taylor

Management by Numbers

Plato apparently said “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers”. Having worked with successful balanced scorecards, KPI dashboards, measurement programmes with functional size measurement at its core, ISO/IEC 15504 capability level assessment baselining, one would expect…

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Ying & Yang

Customer Value

Coming from the IT world of 1’s and 0’s, technologists can sometimes see things in black and white, and struggle to reconcile both views. Certainly customer value is a variable which obviously depends upon the customer – their needs but…

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Business Gears

Business Processing

Business processes represent an opportunity for dialogue about collaboration, re-engineering and automation, within, and even outside, enterprise borders. The new issue of Alinement Magazine encompasses various aspects of processes: their models, their architectures and the required leadership, that allows the…

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Turbulent Times Issue

Tough business times are not new. What is new is the rapidity with which economic difficulties can appear on the horizon and engulf our businesses. Alvin Toffler, a few decades ago, predicted that not only are we inundated with change,…

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Editor's Typewriter

New Editor for Alinement Magazine

The Alinement Network is marking a major milestone with Bhuvan Unhelkar of MethodScience coming on board as the editor of the Alinement Magazine. In agreeing to edit at least three issues of the magazine, we can look forward to Bhuvan’s…

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Teaching IT Savvy!

In their book entitled “IT Savvy” (see all new experimental Amazon sidebar below) Peter Weill and Jeanne Ross have done something that does us all a favour. The subtitle “What Top Executives Must Know to Go From Pain to Gain,”…

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Wisdom of Crowds

Massively Collaborative Coherence

The annual New York Time’s feature covering “The Year in Ideas” an interesting read and highly recommended. But there was an entry on the success of Massively Collaborative Mathematics that particularly impressed me … and is relevant to the wider…

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Word Confusion

A project by any other name ….

What do you call all those things that change the enterprise? The collective noun for projects? The simple answer is a portfolio – a portfolio of projects. Sounds about right, and most people (I think) would agree …. But there…

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Intel Commercial

Different Stars

I don’t wish to plug a multinational …. especially not for free. But every now and then the “Big Boys” do something that is really quite impressive. So I know this shows me to be a geek at heart, but…

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Once more unto the breech …

Once more unto the breech dear friends ….. Yes, this site was hacked … even as we were getting it ready for the next step it was brought down ignominiously. To its knees! Virtually a restart! Showing that even such…

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Why Bother?

It all started with a desire to disseminate my PhD research. I don’t think it’s really too much to ask that after nine years of research. At this point my thesis has a readership of more than a handful of…

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coffee break

New Media, Old Conflicts & Some Hope

There is something of the Web 2.0 enabled “new media” revolution in the underlying philosophy of the Alinement Network. After all, merely to attempt to create an online magazine site indicates that (I at least think) there is a gap…

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Magazine 2.0

I was in the newsagents recently and came across a magazine with a pertinent message – the front cover screamed Magazine 2.0. It was an experiement by the Anthill Magazine to secure user content and even run a contest to…

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Blogging the Backstory

When the Alinement Magazine becomes the go-to site for the management community it will be interesting to see how it all started …… and if it dies in the gutter with the whole world of netizens oblivious to our lofty…

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