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Book Review: Switch

For those of us who have been involved in Organisation Change Management for many years, we can be seduced by our favourite models and acronyms and over-intellectualise organisation change. From this rarefied position we can become divorced from the human…

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Gen Y Processes

To understand the Gen Y effect on service management, Alinement interviewed Rocky Scopelliti, here we conclude the interview looking at the internal impact on the organisation. He is the General Manager, Industry Development for Financial Services at Telstra Enterprise &…

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Rocky Scopelliti

Gen Y Customers

To understand what the next generation of our customers might be thinking, Alinement interviewed Rocky Scopelliti, who has done an extensive study on differences in generational experience of ICT service improvement. Rocky, as the General Manager, Industry Development for Financial…

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Common Language

Most business and professional people have at some time completed an assessment on their preferred style of thinking, communicating, organising and relating. We all know that people have different styles. Some people, for example, are introverted. They like to think…

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Business Partners

Partnering Success

The majority of large projects now involve an amalgam of owners, contractors and employees. As with mergers (the majority of which lose value for the acquiring company), the success of joint ventures rests heavily on the establishment of trust. It…

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Align Analysis & Strategy

Economic turbulence tends to encourage short-term gain, often at the cost of the longer-term strategies, and results in increased ambiguity in the definition, communication and execution of business strategies. In these circumstances, Business Analysts can play an even more crucial…

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Project Governance & Boards

Despite the attention given to the subject in both journals and the Internet, major IT projects still go heavily over budget and are delivered very late. More often than not, the CIO is blamed for the problems and the board…

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