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Wants vs Needs Part 2

To continue with customer Wants vs Needs – the question being, as an ICT professional which is more important and what do you do in a situation where you would like to supply your customers needs but all the customer…

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Time & Money

An important dimension that can differentiate “value” from simple cost-based, ROI assessments is time. When benefits are intangible it is often because they relate to the anticipated returns accumulated over time; the choice can become one of short-term versus long-term…

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Sustainability & Value

Since the GFC everyone is waiting for a return to normalcy.  When are we going to get back to 3-5% year on year growth like we, and our parents, enjoyed? Granted there were some slips but since the 1950’s to…

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Value Chain

Business Value Chain

We often assume in business that “if we do X we will obtain Y benefits.” A classic example of this thinking occurs in organizations that install CRM systems at great expense and expect their customer relationships to improve along with…

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Process Organization

Process Organisations

Businesses are typically organised by function, geography or lines of business. Even where other considerations dominate, each business unit is routinely organized by function. But while grouping resources by specialization is well-intentioned, it makes for inefficient business processes.

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Business Case

Structured Business Cases

You may recall seeing boarded-up construction sites indicating projects that have been put on hold. Less visible is a business project that has been halted but which has created some artefacts of potential value, but which may never be reused….

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transparent earth

Transparent Organizations

Having some spare time on my hands courtesy of the financial crisis, I decided to log onto Google Earth. It was a strange experience seeing the world from the perspective of an astronaut. With a few mouse clicks I have…

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White Water

White Water Management

There is little argument that the pace of life and work is ever increasing. Our businesses have to be globally competitive and individuals are stretched to manage keep pace with the demands placed on them. Futurists have heralded the impact…

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