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Fun Flow

Fun with Flow

Flow is a state of total absorption in a task or activity. When in flow, we are totally focused on the task at hand, and are not distracted by non-relevant external events or worry about self. In times of crisis,…

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Choose to Believe

The practices of goal-setting, and listening to feedback, discussed in the previous article, Focus on Your Goals, sets the stage for a confidence that successful performers refer to in terms such as, “an unshatterable self-esteem”, or a knowing that you…

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Flowing stream and rocks

Champion’s Mindset

Can you recall a time when you were totally absorbed in your in an activity; a time when you felt strong and positive, not worried about yourself or about failing? If so, chances are that you were experiencing flow. But…

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Goal Focus

Focus on Your Goals

Clear goals provide a blueprint for success. They help you get where you want to go, both in the short and long term. Goals are one of the important preconditions for flow. Having clear goals—both those set in advance, and…

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