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Needs & Wants (Part 1)

A long time ago, in a distant galaxy, I was a young team leader on a project that was to generate standard customer letters using a complex combination of document fragments. The client needed the letters “immediately??? but fortunately there…

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Process Blueprint

Process Architectures

My colleagues and I  recently attempted to define a set of processes that would support the requirements of the services management standard, ISO 20000-1, which captures best practices like the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). The supporting standard, ISO 20000-4,…

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Successful Business

Business Motivation

The development of the Business Motivational Model (BMM) provides standard definitions and structures for the elements of a business initiative such as the business vision and the related goals and objectives. It also defines relationships between elements e.g. a Goal…

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Common Language

Most business and professional people have at some time completed an assessment on their preferred style of thinking, communicating, organising and relating. We all know that people have different styles. Some people, for example, are introverted. They like to think…

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Collaborative Intelligence

Modern businesses are particularly adept at using information technologies (IT) to capitalize on global opportunities to collaborate. In an era where collaboration promises to be a new competitive tool, Collaborative Intelligence (CI) can be an invaluable and powerful aid.

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IT Business

A CIO’s Focus

A Chief Information Officer’s ever-present challenge to reduce costs & risk while still maintaining or even increasing service levels is not getting any easier. Ever increasing IT complexity, the drive for continual business expansion, both organic as well as through…

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Business Gears

Business Processing

Business processes represent an opportunity for dialogue about collaboration, re-engineering and automation, within, and even outside, enterprise borders. The new issue of Alinement Magazine encompasses various aspects of processes: their models, their architectures and the required leadership, that allows the…

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