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Use Case Diagram

Use Cases: Good & Bad

Ever since the early work of Ivar Jacobson [1], use cases have been used in myriad software projects way beyond what their original creator could have ever imagined. There are a number of reasons for the popularity of use cases…

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IT a Fashion Industry?

I first realized with horror I was working in a fashion industry called IT when I was working with a partially object oriented (OO) system in early 1980s. It was early 1990s when I met a sage old Welshman who…

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Mission Statement

There are many business and IT management approaches, disciplines, (best) practices and technology solutions out there – arguably, too many! They all promise their own “vision” of achieving an efficient, effective, profitable, responsive (you may substitute your favorite adjectives here,…

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Reasons to Contribute

We are looking for a small, core group of contributors to help provide enterprise management related content for the Alinement Network magazine and community site. This is a voluntary exercise at this point but we expect to offer some remuneration…

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Editorial Policy

Alinement Network is an online magazine that discusses enterprise management issues from a holistic and pragmatic perspective. We aim to provide a globally accessible space for blogs, articles and commentary to stimulate and advance the latest management thinking and how…

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The Alinement Network is a community-based website. There is a multitude of voices to be heard here and as such, not everything you read will necessarily represent the views of the publisher or editors. While we encourage our contributors to…

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Choose to Believe

The practices of goal-setting, and listening to feedback, discussed in the previous article, Focus on Your Goals, sets the stage for a confidence that successful performers refer to in terms such as, “an unshatterable self-esteem”, or a knowing that you…

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Flowing stream and rocks

Champion’s Mindset

Can you recall a time when you were totally absorbed in your in an activity; a time when you felt strong and positive, not worried about yourself or about failing? If so, chances are that you were experiencing flow. But…

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